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The managing :ZhuJingYuan

¡¡¡¡JiangYin JingLi Hardwave Company locates JiangYin strand river's industrial park, carry on the back the mountain to face the Chang Jiang river, the¡¡ transportation convenience, have the superior geography condition.Mainly produce to textile hardware, automobile hardware, ChunLan Group's air condition electrical engineering, NanJing JingCheng SUZUK engine fittings and the building-press hardware product currently.

¡¡¡¡By dint of oneself of real strenght and prestige, the company pulled with ChunLan group of Jiangsu, The joint venture company Of Suzhou-German SULA and international well-known business enterprise of the liquid presses company of France( POCLAIN), China textile machinery company etc. to become colleague's relation of the long-term cooperation successively.Currently our company has become the biggest supplier that ChunLan group compressor settle, turns the sub- kit, production total amount to attain 100,000, and pass to increase year by year, with the cooperation that German SULA company, France( POCLAIN) company, full absorption and make of the advanced technique of the abroad, develop to several ten kinds of products of system and the high accuracy stainless steel product successively, all attain the international standard, cooperate the both parties to also therefore come to a the most ideal situation of" the double win".The textile fittings goes together with the product up our company at the time of spinning and China textile machinery company to provide the overall kit to cooperate, returned the independence to develop the series to be applicable to domestic and international have no loom machine to use the aluminum metal alloy frame and various yarns Luo wrings the side device, its function and quantities are belonging to lead the level at home and abroad.

¡¡¡¡Our company owns employee's troops of the high character, and promote the forerunner's modern business enterprise management system, the company passed the ISO9001 in 2001:2000 quantity system attestations, and own" white cat" registered trade - mark.The company carries out the principle of management of" the trustworthiness practicality, expand the innovation", take" quality leadership, the customer is highest" as the target of the management, concentrating on the development and comprehensive real strenghts of the market promote continuously, the company will have a foothold with the absorbed carriage market, of one heart and mind for the service that the large customer provides the outstanding product and superior quality.

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